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Cover Letter eNotes: The Modern Way to Land Interviews

Long gone are the days where we snail-mailed our cover letter and resume to the hiring manager....

In this day and age, everything is done electronically so finding a way to make your next email or eNote impactful is critical.
The number one request our clients have is to find a way to “stand out from the crowd”. With such fierce competition and so many applicants per job, getting seen has become harder than ever but…

...if you start your outreach with the most eye-catching cover eNote and pique the hiring managers interest right from the get-go, you will land more interviews and opportunities than ever before.

In our instant download book, "Cover Letter eNotes: The Modern Way To Land Interviews", we will show you how to craft these messages for maximum impact.

"Cover Letter eNotes: The Modern Way To Land Interviews" includes:

Our proven cover letter eNote layout that works every time.

15 proven eNote templates you can copy and tweak immediately.

The word-for-word subject lines you should use to stand out in a recruiters inbox.

Explicit instructions that will help you avoid making the ten cover letter mistakes that most job seekers make ALL THE TIME.

8 tried and tested ways to write powerful cover letters that will make an impact from the first word.

For only a $47 investment into your career, you'll be able to write yourself a cover letter that creates value and impact while making you an unforgettable candidate.


Frequently Asked Questions

1) Do we still need cover letters in this day and age?

Yes. If written correctly, they add a ton of value to your marketing presentation. The key is to add value, make it relevant, and ensure it's well written. Don't ignore the power of a cover letter just because you think it's cumbersome or outdated, it's actually a very tactical marketing tool. The templates included in this book make writing cover letter easy and quick so you don't have to labor over them any more.

2) Do recruiters or hiring managers really read cover letters?

Yes, often. There's a lot of discussion out there about whether recruiters actually read your cover letters. Honestly, they often read them - if they are well written of course. I also think that presenting a cover letter or cover letter e-note creates a well rounded marketing document portfolio. It shows that you are willing to go the extra mile to present yourself fully. Of course, some job applications absolutely require them, so you many need one anyway. Better you have them done and ready to go rather than be scrambling at the last minute.

3) I never know what to write in my cover letters. Will this e-book help?

Absolutely. I have given you 3 time-saving and content focused samples that will ensure you don't write a boring or pointless cover letter. In this e-book you are getting:

  • Our proven cover letter layout - no more guessing about they way it should look.

  • 15 templates you can tweak and deploy - no more stumbling over what to write.

  • A selection of word-for-word email subject lines - no more getting buried in the inbox.


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