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Three Easy Plug-In Resume Templates.

Ready to write the easiest resume ever?

If updating your resume has been on your list of things to do, but you keep putting it aside since you don’t know where to start, our interview-generating resume templates can make this simple for you to complete and cross off that to-do list!

All you need to do is pick a template you like from the three we include in this bundle, then plug in your information using the instructions on how to write an effective resume bullet.

We've got everything covered from recruiter and hiring manager focused layout to writing powerful leadership statements that truly deliver your relevant experience and career excellence.

Don’t stress over formatting or how to write your resume ever again….

These templates will also help you:

1. Gain access to our formulaic approach for writing compelling resume bullets that are both recruiter-ready and hiring manager approved.

2. Create an ATS-friendly resume that's also easy for humans to read --- over 70% of hires still happen through people in your network.

3. Avoid spending hours and hours of your limited spare time trying to create your own resume from scratch (once you've chosen a template, you can have a brand new resume in a single afternoon).

My goal is to ensure everyone has access to the tools that will help them land an incredible role. I know these templates will help.

Founder of Chameleon Resumes

The 3 Plug-In Resumes Templates include:

(1) Our specific resume instructions gives context to those skills these artificial intelligence and social recruiting applications highlight—but showing you how to emphasize how well you performed at your skills. This is what sets you apart from other candidates.

(2) The process for proper resume construction is residual interview coaching, too. When you have your wins, achievements and challenges outlined—-and not just a list of your skills—you are better prepared for your interview, outshine your competitors and get the offer!

Skills alone won’t sell you into a job—Showing how well you performed that skill will.

Skills alone will not allow you to outshine competitors—Showing you did it better than anyone else will.

Skills alone won't get you hired—Showing you have relevant achievements to succeed in the job will.

The context from your experience, timing and environment, along with knowing how to leverage the context will land you an interview and get you hired.

Think of all the resumes you email to people. If you can have even a 10% increase in interview calls from all that effort, how many more interviews will you have?

If you are sending 100 resumes, that is 10 more interviews.

Ten more opportunities to promote yourself and outline how you are the best person for the job.

With direction from the most qualified source to ensure your resume is the best it can be for $47, that's a small investment with a HUGE return.

For only a $47 investment into your career, you'll be able to write yourself a resume with the potential to close your dream job and command a higher salary.

Frequently Asked Questions

1) Will your resumes work with the ATS system?

Yes. Our resumes are designed to work with the ATS (Applicant Tracking System) as well as for the recruiter and hiring manager human eye. Having a resume with the flexibility to do both is important.

2) Do I need more than one resume?

No. You need one foundational resume that shines the spotlight on your accomplishments, leadership style and the solutions you bring to the table.  When you have a strong foundational resume, you shouldn't need various iterations. You may need to tweak a well-written resume here and there, but that should be the extent of editing it needs.  Additionally, it is important every resume tweak you do is in alignment with your LinkedIn profile, which is a static document.  Multiple versions of your resumes means some won't be in alignment with your LinkedIn profile and we don't want that for you.

3) Will you help me with ageism?

Our templates, documents, strategies, interview techniques, and more will present you in a modern, relevant and timeless fashion.


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