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The Ultimate Job Search Plan

Create a personalized job search plan and land interviews for your next position.

You are delusional if you think a GREAT job is going to land in your lap. Instead, hunt down the career of your dreams using our “hold you by the hand” Ultimate Job Search Plan.

Sure, you can sit there and wait for any old job to find you, but I promise you that your next dream job won't just fall from the sky. No, you have to go out there, and hunt. it. down.

Whether you're starting to make a transition or you're knee deep in a job search, I'll bet that, if you are viewing this page, you are HIGHLY frustrated and overwhelmed by what to do next to get results.

End the frustration now by working with our expert team with a combined 40 years of recruiting experience.

Our Ultimate Job Search Plan combines our most effective e-books, video trainings and one-on-one coaching so you have a plan to enter the job seeking world to land an offer quickly. Our document feedback will allow you to nail the design and improve the overall impact of your resume and LinkedIn profile. Our job search tactic training will empower you to create a target company list that will pinpoint where to find your next position.

The most important part of this plan is the one-on-one coaching that will create a custom plan designed to get you the professional development AND the financial compensation you deserve.

The coaching includes:

The secrets to designing an eyeball-grabbing resume and profile that gives the recruiter no other choice but to call you back and start the “why should we hire you” conversation.

Rapport building phone strategies that will have the hiring manager priority booking your in-person interview just as fast as they can type.

Robust interview preparation techniques including a unique positioning of your relevant achievements that spotlight you as the prime candidate and only obvious choice.

Shark-like compensation negotiation tactics to maximize your salary and get all the perks you deserve.

Our Ultimate Job Search Plan contains everything you need to improve your existing resume and LinkedIn profile to achieve results in your job search faster. We combine our highly instructive e-books and video trainings with one-on-one personalized coaching from experienced recruiting and HR professionals.

What's Included In This Special Offer:

Three Easy-Plug-and-Play Resumes [Templates]

Once you learn how to best write your wins for your resume, choose from three interview landing resume layouts to enter in your accomplishments to build your own achievement-based resume to start landing interviews. Don’t fret any longer on how to layout your document—we take the layout worry for you and all you have to do is choose and plug in your information.

Resume and LinkedIn Profile Critique

Once you've made the initial edits to your resume and LinkedIn profile (using the resume templates and provided LinkedIn instruction), you will have your documents reviewed by our resume and LinkedIn Profile Expert. Generate interviews faster and put an end to the financial downward spiral that has you trapped. ($600 value)

Two 60-minute Career Coaching Calls

You'll get two 1-hour coaching calls with a Job Landing Expert who will work with you to create a list of target companies and positions so you can be laser focused in your approach to acquiring the perfect-for-you position (instead of randomly applying to everything and anything that comes your way). ($1,200 value)

30-Day Unlimited Email Access

With 30-Day Unlimited Email Access, you can get feedback from our team of experts on your "Thank you" notes and responses to hiring managers. Customize a powerful reply to job interviews as well as the responses your profile and resume will generate... basically, any time you're not sure what to say, write down what you want to reply with and we'll critique it before you send it. 

Interview-Generating Resume [eBook] 

Written by Lisa Rangel, a Certified Professional Resume Writer and 13-year recruiter, to guide you to form your professional brand and your unique value proposition, which you will incorporate into your resume and cover letters to capture the eye of the hiring manager who will be compelled to call you for the desired interview. You will uncover your achievements, strengths and value propositions that hiring managers want to see when reading resume. Lisa knows what recruiters want after 13-years of recruiting executive to staff level positions and every level in between. 

How To Design A Powerful Resume And Land 6-Figure Job Interviews Faster [Recorded Training]

This recorded training is delivered as if Lisa Rangel is giving you personal step by step instruction on how to construct your Resume Summary, Employment and Education/Skills sections and how to utilize Keyword Optimization, so recruiters will easily find you and call you for the interview for that incredible job right for you. Learn how to write an achievement-based resume to outshine your competition and make your resume be the one that stands out on a hiring manager’s desktop.   Know how to format most unique employment scenarios: promotions, employment gaps, multiple temporary jobs and at-home-parents-returning-to-work, for example, are some of the scenarios addressed, at all levels, with examples.

7 Job Landing Steps to Find a Role Thats Makes You Happy [eManual]

This eManual brings everything together to ensure you use the right job search and target list building resources to start your job search. This eManual will help you: define your path and career pursuits. Further reinforce your career communication documents with even more samples and examples to customize your resume for different jobs. We'll show you how to use search techniques to find the right companies to pursue and the right people to contact. Learn how to turn job search rejection into positive reinforcement to pursue what you really want. We'll also cover the best way to prepare for interviews, as well as how to negotiate the best salary for you and your skill set.

How To Use Your LinkedIn Profile To Land Executive Job Interviews Faster[Recorded Training]

Online networking is here to stay and your LinkedIn profile is the first place recruiters, hiring managers, and influential connections will turn. Don’t confuse them with a vague and ambiguous career history or leadership story... ...instead, reel them in with a powerfully written, expertly positioned, and laser-focused profile that sells you as an incredible asset to your target organizations.

Interview Powerfully: How To Get Hired On Your Terms [eBook]

Learn how to conduct yourself confidently on interviews to land your next role on your terms and to ensure your happiness at work. Discover the best way to learn about the company, interviewer, role and competitors to uncover inside scoops and essential corporate culture information to help you make the right decision for you. Know the right questions to ask and having the right answers their questions to reduce your anxiety and improve your performance. 

Interview Powerfully & Get Hired: How To Preform Effectively And land The Offer [Recorded Training] 

Understand how to present your salary and compensation parameters and not sell yourself short to negotiate the highest salary you can! Learn what to do to prepare before the interview – we'll show you how to research the company, interviewer and job, and use that information to your advantage. Successfully answer both common and uncommon interview questions. We'll also cover how to prepare the right questions to ask the interviewer, and what to wear (it is not obvious), bring and how to impress the first time around.

Writing Effective Interview Thank You Letters [Letters, Notes and eNotes Samples] 

Choose from several thank you note templates and use proposed language to create your own custom thank you notes for after your interviews.  No longer stress about what to say or how long the letter should be.  Our point-by-points and samples will make it easy for you to write your own personalized document to seal the deal.

Negotiate A Top Dollar Salary And Compensation Package [eBook]

This dollar-maxing guide works for getting the highest 5-figure and 6-figure salary you can and to ensure you are not leaving any money on the table. Get every penny you deserve and the extra perks that make life grand. 

6 Deadly Job Search Mistakes Preventing You From Landing A Job [Recorded Training]

The 6 critical errors that could be sabotaging your job search. This training video is packed with actionable tips to help you avoid these common pitfalls and finally secure the fantastic role you deserve. Transform your job search strategy and secure your dream role!

The “Pretend You’re Fired Today” Podcast [Directory] 

The Chameleon Resumes Team has created an easy-find, easy-access directory to Lisa’s 52-episode podcast that covers everything on how to get hired fast and how to remain continuously employed. Always being able to find a new job fast is true job security. 

The Job Landing Mindset [eBook]

To conduct a successful job search, you need to be able to see the possibility in anything, focus more on what's working (and less on what's not working) and move through fear and doubt to remain diligent and consistent during your job search. Are you ready to get lifted out of the mental quicksand? This eBook is chock-full of tactical steps to take to put yourself in the right mindset to land your next dream job—and how to maintain that mindset until you do.

How does it work?

1) First, use our proven, recruiter-approved resume and LinkedIn profile templates and detailed trainings to create a powerful and streamlined resume and SEO optimized and impact-driven LinkedIn profile.

2) Book your Resume and LinkedIn profile critique so we can show you how to edit, tweak, and supercharge your documents based on your target roles.

3) Book your one-on-one, personalized coaching session and learn how to find perfect roles for your unique skill set and salary range.

4) Use our trainings and guides to prepare for your interviews and salary negotiation and understand how to position yourself for incredible roles that take you to that next level of compensation.


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